beer. Made in Germany.

A puristic, modern design with a strong message: Made in Germany and brewed according to the German brewing tradition.


No unnecessary flavours or ingredients, no nonsense.


"We wanted to create a modern beer brand for beer lovers around the globe which combines taste with eye-catching design." 

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A deer who carries his rack of antlers like a crown is the majesty of the forest. Each year he sheds his set of antlers and grows a new one, driven by testosterone. In German hunter's jargon Stangen describes those antlers.

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A simple logo, a stylish can. Sometimes it takes so little to create maximum effect. A can that you will remember, a taste you won't forget. Join us and become part of the #stangeneration.


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Since 2017, we, the Reepbana GmbH, export our own "Made in Germany" beer brands around the globe. Key markets are Asia, Eastern Europe and South America with a constantly growing network of distribution partners. 


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